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Monday, May 31, 2010

Rajon Rondo: The Difference

Paul Pierce may be called The Truth. Kevin Garnett is the Big Ticket. But Rajon Rondo should be called The Difference. He is the difference between the Celtics of the 2008 team and now, the difference between an early first or second round exit and a championship run. Rajon Rondo is the difference. The young point guard has transformed his game. He has taken the title of best rebounding point guard from Jason Kidd and is the best defensive point guard in the game today. He can get his points when he wants to but always can get his teammates involved as well. Rondo is a flashy guard that fascinates the fans. Did you see the fake he put on Marcin Gortat or his fake behind the back passes? Rondo is an elite guard and definately one of the best in the game.
Poor Derek Fisher. He is my favorite player of all time but that guy is not going to be able to defend this kid. Fisher has actually done a good job so far on the great pgs he has played. First there was the young, up and coming guard Russell Westbrook with his speedy first step. Then he had to go up against his former Utah teammate Deron Williams, and we all know how nasty his cross over is and how great of a player he is. After that he had to go up against a true master. Steve Nash, 2 time MVP possibly the greatest point guard since John Stockton. Now he has to try and stay in front of Rondo? Impossible. Kobe is going to have to switch over to guard Rajon and Derek is going to have to chase Ray Allen around the three point line.
This is a great matchup favoring the Boston Celtics and they need to go to it. For the Celtics to win Rondo has to play like he has been, putting up an astronomical line 16.7 points, 10 assists and 5.3 rebounds. If he can put up numbers like that, the Lakers will definately have his hands full. Rondo may just be The Difference.

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