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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finals Series Overview

Sorry for the lack of updates I was in Colorado for a week on a ranch and they computers were not working.
Anyways I have missed a lot. The first three games are the finals are done and the Lakers are up 2-1. We have seen records been beat. The Lakers set a finals record for most blocked shots with 14. Ray Allen set a record for most three pointers in a game with 8, then nearly set a record the next game for worst shooting performance in the finals with 13, including 0 for 8 from three point land (if he would have missed one more shot he would have tied it, and he nearly did except his missed shot was waved off due to a Kevin Garnett offensive foul) and the Lakers bench set a record for best shooting percentage from a bench that shot at least ten shots (they shot 11 shots and made 9) with 81.8 percent.
The stars have shined in the finals so far. Garnett showed why he is still one of the best post players in the league when he exploded for 25 points in a 11 for 16 shooting night in game 3 after struggling in the first two games. Ray Allen proved why he might be the best shooter in NBA history after his 8 for 11 shooting night from beyond the arc and finished with 32 points in the Celtic's win in game 2. Pau Gasol has performed great, dominating Garnett in 2 out of the 3 games (remember when I said that might be the difference... yeah) and he is not the soft Gasol of '08. And then there is Kobe being Kobe, although I think even Laker fans agree he should take less contested jumpers unless hes hot, but still has contributed in every way possible for the Lakers, from scoring to blocking shots.
Then there have been suprises. Of course you have heard of my man Derek Fisher's clutch performance, scoring 11 in the fourth quarter alone when it seemed that no one could make a basket, making shot after shot. But have you noticed Glen Davis' play, he might be the most consisten Celtic of the series so far. Big Baby is averaging 7.7 points but all his baskets are big ones and he is hustling after every loose ball. There has even been a Sasha Vujacic sighting, and in the only 19 seconds he played in game 3 he sank two big free throws to secure the game for the Lakers.
The finals this year have been an absolute classic. Everybody ready for game 4?

Finally a shout out to Aneta, my first follower.

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