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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Fish That (Once Again) Saved LA

When Kobe is acting like old number 8, ballhog afro Kobe, when Pau Gasol cannot buy a basket and Ron Artest thinks he is still playing for Sacremento, a hero will emerge. And his name is Derek Fisher. Fisher, co-captain of the Lakers, absolutely went on a tear with 11 huge points in the fourth quarter of game 3, stopping a furious Celtic comeback.
Derek Fisher finished with 16 points in the game and proved all the haters (cough Utah fans cough) wrong once again. Fisher is not new to finals pressure and clutch plays. From hitting an amazing turn-around buzzer beater to sink the Spurs with 0.4 seconds left to swishing the clutch long-ball in last years finals against the Magic in game 3, he has been through it all. But this may have been the greatest Fish moment of all time (its close, maybe after the time he ran into the gym mid-way through a playoff game in Utah to close out the game after he had to take care of his daughter). Not only did Fish score, but he played amazing D on Ray Allen, who went 0-13 after setting a finals record the game before, and his emotional interview after the game was truly awesome. Derek Fisher once again proved he is both a leader and a champion, and he, along with his other Laker teammates, will not rest until they are hanging up another championship banner in Staples Center.

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  1. D-fish breaking down during that interview shows how much effort he gave. I think he surprised himself with the tears during that interview. Great blog, I think your picture selection is on point - can't wait to read your take on tonight's game.
    FTB blogger