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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

That Old Celtic Defense

Have you ever heard the saying defense wins championships? Well it is definately true. The San Antonio Spurs recently built a legacy around defense, the Detroit Pistons shocked the world by beating the Lakers in the 2004 finals around defense, and even more recently the Celtics beat the Lakers in 2008 because they were the better defensive team. In the NBA defense is key. And at this moment, no one is playing better defense then the Boston Celtics.
The Orlando Magic have one of the simplest but best offense in the league. Give the ball to Dwight Howard and when he is double team kick it out to one of the many three point shooters. Orlando has so many offensive weapons, they might have the best offense in the game, but Boston completely shut them down. The Celtics won all three of the first three games in the series because of the amazing defense that they were playing. Kendrick Perkins and the other Celtics' big men did a fantastic job on Dwight Howard and the entire Celtics team did a great job of running the Magic's shooters off of the three point line. They did so good that Rashard Lewis only averaged 8.2 points in the series, a major drop from the 17 he had the series before.
The Celtics have a great set of defensive players. Rajon Rondo was named to the all-nba first defensive team this year. Kevin Garnett is a former defensive player of the year. Kendrick Perkins proved what he could do against Dwight Howard and Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Rasheed Wallace all are under-rated defenders. Only time will tell if the Celtics can play the same type of defense against the Lakers and their triangle offense. They proved the can play defense against great offensive teams like the Magic and Cavaliers, but neither one of those teams had Kobe Bryant...

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