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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Head to Head: Andre Iguodala vs. Rudy Gay

I plan to do this type of post every Tuesday. I call it head to head and compare two similiar players to see who is better. We will break it down into 5 categories, offense, defense, physical abilities, basketball IQ, and skillset. Whoever wins the most of these categories will be declared the winner. This week we are going to compare two high-flying small forwards, Andre Iguodala from Philidelphia and the Memphis Grizzlies' Rudy Gay.

Offense: Both Rudy Gay and Andre Iguodala thrive on the offensive end of the court. Both can put the ball in the hoop pretty much whenever they want to. Gay has the slight scoring advantage with 19.6 to 17.1, but Iggy absolutely blows Gay out of the water in the assists category with a great 5.8 compared to a measley 1.9 per. Iguadola is the main offensive weapon for the 76ers, while Gay not even the most talented offensive player on his team behind OJ Mayo so I have to give the nod to Andre in this category.
Winner: Andre Iguodala

Defense: Although neither Gay or Iggy are defensive stoppers neither slack off to much on defense either. Iguadola leads the forwards of the league in steals per game, even ahead of Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony with 1.7 while Gay is 7th in the category with 1.4. Neither average over a block per game. Iguadola also has the edge in rebounds per game with 6.5 to 5.9. Although it is a very close call, I again have to give Iguodala the victory. Neither will be confused with Bruce Bowen any time soon though.
Winner: Andre Iguodala

Skillset: Iggy and Gay both are reasonably skilled players. Gay has the advantage in three point shoot percentage. Often Iggy will throw up a long three that has everyone on the bench screaming NOOOOOO. Both are average ball handlers, with Gay having the slight advantage, but Gay is not nearly as good as a passer as Iguodala. But he makes up for that in passing. Gay has a great mid-range game and this year averaged a career high .466 while Iggy is a little bit behind with a .443. Gay also has a better free throw shooting percentage with .752 compared to Andre's .733. Chalk one up for Rudy.
Winner: Rudy Gay

Basketball IQ: Both Iggy and Rudy have had their share of dumb moments. Andre launched a five feet behind the three point line shot with over twenty seconds left in a game down by one. Rudy launched a full court buzzer beater with seven seconds left, which Kobe Bryant rebounded, dribbled down the court and shot (and made) as the time really expired. Neither has the IQ of Steve Nash, but in this category I again have to give the edge to Andre due to Gay's frequent turnovers.
Winner: Andre Iguodala

Physical Attributes: These two high-flying players are two of the best athletes in the league. Both should be in the next dunk contest as both can throw it down with the best of them. Iguodala has often been compared to Vince Carter. And although Gay is a larger player, Iggy may be the best all-around athlete (not named Lebron James or Dwight Howard) in the entire NBA.
Winner: Andre Iguodala

Overall Winner: Andre Iguodala, 4-1.

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